Annekie Pretorius

Annekie Pretorius


I  believe that it is very important that people working with small children should have specialized training and be devoted to the true and correct developmental aspects of small children. Just as one doesn’t go to a butcher for hair styling one should never leave small child tuition to anybody without specialized small child qualifications.

As far as Boempie Pre Primary is concerned, this is my first love, my true vocation and I plan everything that happens here, do the administration and organize the maintenance.  These aspects take up a lot of my time during the afternoons, evenings, over weekends and during my holidays.

We enjoy our job because we believe that children should learn in a fun way initiated by their own spontaneous potential and that they should never be under estimated.

The name Boempie comes from our small Staffordshire Bullterrier, Boepens, that drank his tummy tjokkenblok full and then our two year old eldest son, Michael, called him “Boempie”. So the school has the nick name of our dog that was a puppy in 1982.


  • Pre-Primêr Boempie Pre Primary is a Christian nursery school, registered with the City Council of Johannesburg and The Department of Social Development. We receive unannounced inspections from them as well as from the Department of Health Care.

  • Our affiliation with the more than seventy year old Association for the Education and Care of Young Children (AECYC) keeps us informed about the most recent developments in small child teaching from babies to Grade R and our staff attend their teachers’ and practitioners’ workshops.

  • We are registered for 25 pupils from baby to Grade R.

  • Children work in a playful way for a postponed purpose. This develops social and emotional intelligence as well as proper brain growth. Pupils usually go from Pre- Primêr Boempie Pre Primary to primary schools locally and overseas absolutely school ready and very well equipped should they have completed our Grade R.

  • Children can enrol for swimming lessons at extra cost.


  • A special comfort at Boempie is that parents and guardians usually pay a once a year entrance fee and do not have to pull out money every now and then for fund raising, aprons, linen, cots and matresses.

  • Parents and guardians also only pay for the class fees once a month and do not have to bring along food, demo money, money for the year end function and money for holiday care for their children.

  • We offer so many activities for free that parents do not have to enrol their children for all kinds of entrepreneurial classes as we cover all these in our curriculum. Boempie Music, Boempie Movement play, Boempie Ball Skills, Boempie Art, Boempie Carpentry, Boempie Baking , Boempie Lingua, Boempie Math, and Boempie Science always form part of our curriculum.

  • Even the tiniest babies touch, smell and experience lightly of the activities should they be awake and they also get art works to take home.

  • Sometimes we work long on one artwork, but in the end every child takes one home.

  • Holiday care is included in the class fees. Even grand parents can chill at Boempie because we are open three full holidays and during the December holiday we also stay open longer than only the state school term. This includes food, refreshments, a holiday program as well as complete  baby and child care.