We help kids take those

Bold & Powerful First Steps.

From stroller to grade R,

we’ve got your back.


Our Philosophy

We believe every little child is entitled to receive the highest quality education from a specialist small child trained nursery school teacher. That’s why, at Boempie, we only employ baby and toddler qualified educators who know what your kids need at every developmental stage. At our core, we know how to lead children from what they already know and guide them to obtain new knowledge by utilising their beautiful innate curiosity…


A Space to Play and Grow

We love and respect every child’s individuality and in doing so empower them to reach their full potential. At Boempie we provide professional informal teaching, allowing your child to use their own imagination and inner  intellectual recourses to access their highest level of creative potential. The result of this approach is a child filled with wonder, resulting in all the adults being filled with wonder too! Children absolutely amaze us with what they come up with when they have a solid foundation to express themselves from!

A Home Away from Home

As a parent, we know how busy you are, so it’s our top priority to give you the peace of mind that your children experience the utmost levels of safety in an environment where they can learn the healthy way; through play.